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maryannehembroffMary Anne: With pregnancy, I felt in my body the effects of changes in my posture. Having Network Care kept me well aligned and free from constriction- in great shape to go through a natural, healthy labour!


 sharonchinyee1Sharon: …It amazed me that some gentle touches to my spinal cord changed how I was feeling in my wrist and elbow…

yvonnechanYvonne: …I did not realize how connected my physical body is with my emotional stress- even stress from the past! I used to dwell on the past a lot, but since starting Network Care, I have released a lot of emotional pressure. I can think more in the present as I am not holding on to the past. I am more relaxed and more focused. I feel great after a visit! I am glad that the muscle tension that brought me here is better, I am even more grateful that my body is dealing with stress, and I am healing- emotionally and physically.

ianphysick2nchoiceIan: postureI started Network care with a chronic low back problem. My body was out of balance, as I could see from my posture photos and the 8.5 kg difference on the bilateral weight scale. With Network Care, my posture has changed and I have felt much better. I deal with stress differently…



jowrightJo: I have been a chiropractic patient for over 45 years. When Dr. Ivey started using this "light touch" with Network, I was very skeptical. After a few visits I couldn't believe the difference! It is absolutely marvelous, a most amazing innovation. I feel like a different person when I leave. I'm 90 years old and I highly recommend Network Care to anyone!

MarieredwoodMarie: I had lived for years with hay fever, low energy and back pain. My family recommended Dr. Ivey. Since I have been under regular care, my allergies have greatly improved- I no longer take medication for them. My back pain is gone and my energy levels have increased greatly. I feel like I have a different body…

maureenmancusoMaureen: With Network Care, my digestive system has greatly improved. My complexion has improved, along with my sense of taste, touch, and smell which had all deteriorated over the years. I now wake up in the morning fully refreshed, not having to try and loosen up my stiff joints. I am more relaxed, and my family and friends have noticed the difference.

Pascal: I was supposed to have my second back surgery for chronic low back pain. I was living on pain medication- suffering from constant pain in my left leg, low energy and depression. With Network care, I have improved greatly. I am moving more freely, I have regained a great deal of my former energy and I sleep much better. I am completely off pain medication and my surgeon feels I no longer need the previously scheduled surgery...

paulrossPaul: I started Network Care because of low back pain. My back was so bad I couldn't walk around the block without stopping frequently. I was originally skeptical about Network, but then I started feeling a lot better. Now I can move and walk as long and as far as I want, and I feel more relaxed when standing for prolonged periods. My work still puts stress on my body, but I am able to handle it better with Network Care.

mollybrownMolly: With Network Care I have learned to breath to release tension myself. I recover more quickly when I hurt myself, and can breathe the pain away when I over do it. My back feels two hundred percent better since I started care, but the greatest change is in how I feel as I learn to listen to my body. I have never felt so well…

michellemarshall2Michelle: I made sure to get regular chiropractic care during each of my pregnancies. As I gained weight, my posture changed and I would experience pain between my shoulders. Network care helped me through these times.   When I see the importance of chiropractic care for my nervous system, I make sure that I am under regular care, and that my children are too!

carolynmancusoCarolyn: I started chiropractic care when I was 14 because my mother was concerned about my posture. I am a long distance runner. I have noticed with Network Care I can run faster. I feel better generally and have a better appetite. This spring I won the All Toronto Race for my age class. I make sure to get to the office before I race…

daveDr. Dave Ivey: I have been under Network Care for the past since 1999. I get an entrainment every week to keep my nervous system working optimally. Under regular care, I respond to stress more easily, feel greater levels of energy and focus more effectively. Network Care keeps me going strong. If you want to see an example- here is a video of a performance I did at a High School reunion. This is my version of "The Evolution of Dance" which was originally made famous on Youtube by Judson Laipply.


Evolution Of Dance

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