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Prescription Orthotics & Orthotic Shoes

Many extended health plans now cover orthotics.  At our office, we will take a cast of your foot and send it out to have the orthotics made.  Orthotics may be moved from shoe to shoe or you may have orthotics built in to a pair of shoes or sandals.  For pictures of the styles of shoes available, see the links:         

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Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamps

Handcrafted lamps are available in a variety of sizes.  These attractive lamps are reported to naturally produce negative ions which help clean and purify the air and neutralize the electromagnetic frequencies from televisions, microwaves and computer monitors.

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Therapeutic Anti-Fatigue Mats

These mats will reduce vibration impact, insulate from cold floors, and reduce the fatigue of your body associated with prolonged standing.

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Foot Massagers

These wooden foot rollers gently massage the feet and alleviate stress.
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Cervical Pillows

Cervical pillows provide proper support to your head and neck while you are sleeping to give you a good night’s rest.

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Lumbar Support Pillows

These supports have an orthopedic design that helps reduce back fatigue while sitting or driving.

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