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Wednesday, 28 August 2013 14:36

Do What You Love!

Someone wise once said,   “If you chose a job you love, you will never work a day in your life!”   Not all of us get the opportunity to work in jobs that we would consider “our passion”. Even if it is a job you enjoy, the repetitive nature of work can make it feel like a burden at times. It is important to make time to do something you love. Of course, I am writing this as the summer is winding down and it may be too late to book your dream vacation. However, getting regular time to do something you enjoy is key to a healthy life at any time in the year!   In researching depression and anxiety, one “tip” that stuck…
Tuesday, 13 August 2013 00:19

Posture at your Computer

Chances are you are reading this article on some form of computer- a desk top, a lap top or a tablet.  Let me ask you something:  What position are you sitting in RIGHT NOW?  How long have you been sitting in this position?  How is your breathing?  Are you taking deep breaths or shallow breaths at the moment?  If you spend significant amounts of time at your computer, the cumulative postural stress will begin to have adverse effects on your health before you realize it.     Here are some tips for sitting at your computer:   1.  Optimize your position while you are there as much as possible.  Have your monitor at eye level and directly in front of you.  Have your keyboard at a height  that your…
Saturday, 27 July 2013 17:39

Stress Physiology

It is okay to visit, but it’s a very bad place to live!  Most of us have heard of "fight or flight" syndrome. This is where we are confronted with danger and our body goes into defense against the oncoming disaster. There are changes that take place in our body when this occurs. These changes are helpful in marshalling our forces against the new threat. Our digestion changes, our heart rate speeds up, the lower part of our brain gets more blood flow, allowing us to react to the danger. The problem is, this is meant to be a temporary situation to respond to an imminent threat. We are not designed to live our lives in this manner! Yet in our modern society, work and…
Saturday, 20 July 2013 00:00


What does your posture say about you? How is it affecting how others perceive you,  your own emotions,  and your health? It is not just because I am a chiropractor that I am interested in posture. We have history, posture and I.   I spent some time in my teenage years perfecting a sullen, insecure posture that became a habit. My wife suggested I include of picture of me at that time as part of this article. This was not done because (a) the 70s hairstyle would have been much too distracting, and (b) all the really horrible pictures of this era have been mercifully destroyed. However, to this day, my natural "go to" posture involves my head being forward and my shoulders being rounded. The…
Thursday, 11 July 2013 02:55

Meet the Doctor

I thought, as I start a blog with our new website that includes an “article of the week”, I should begin by letting you know about me, the doctor. Why did I get into chiropractic in the first place, and how did I start doing this wacky thing called Network? When I was in high school, I needed a chiropractor for recurrent episodes of low back pain. My father had been going for years, and I thought I should try it out. I was impressed by the thorough exam and the holistic approach to health. There were no drugs involved, and I felt better so quickly! I felt like I was getting to the cause of what was wrong instead of treating the symptoms. I…
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