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Friday, 27 January 2017 16:42

I Did NOT Want to Like It.... Featured

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...yet here I am, recommending this product!

I have been a chiropractor for 28 years. In this time, I cannot tell you how many companies have approached me and tried to get me to sell their product. Let's just say, a lot! Vitamins, supplements, the list is endless. Other then selling a few pillows to facilitate some patients getting proper back support, I have had ZERO interest in aligning myself with a product.

Eight years ago, a colleague of mine retired from Chiropractic in order to market and sell a Nutritional System, because he was so excited about the product. I was happy for him, but did not try the product at all. I was just not interested.

Then Facebook came along, and a different colleague posted a "before and after" picture of himself, and I found myself intrigued. I have always been on the thin side. Over the years, I have tried numerous different exercise programs to put on mass, without seeing any significant or lasting change. Once I passed 50, I found that I was able to gain some weight, but it was all conveniently located around my belly! Not the look I was going for! In January 2016, when I saw the changes in my friend, I immediately set up lunch to ask him how he did it. He told me about a program called Isagenix- the same one I heard about 8 years before and dismissed!

I decided to try the product. I was still skeptical, but understanding how the system worked, that I was supporting my body with excellent nutrition while allowing it to shed the toxins stored in my belly fat- that made sense to me. I wanted to gain weight and lose weight, and the many "Before and After" pictures of satisfied clients motivated me to give it a try.

I was happy with the product from the beginning. The shakes were delicious, and allowed me to increase my protein intake significantly without spending all my time preparing food. The work out products also really made a difference. I started yet another weight lifting program and did not suffer the myriad of injuries that have accompanied all my previous efforts with weight lifting.

I liked it, but I still wasn't convinced I wanted to market the program myself. Over the past year I tried different alternatives- cheaper protein powders sold at Costco or health food stores. Amazingly, I could really feel the difference. When I "slacked off" and stopped supplementing my nutrition, I would find myself dragging with low energy through the afternoon. I had always thought that I ate pretty well- I work out of my home so I hardly ever eat out. (and my wife is an excellent cook!) Unfortunately, many of the foods we eat have been genetically modified and grown in nutritionally depleted soils, so it is nearly impossible to get optimal nutrition without supplementation.

A few months ago I was wearing a T-shirt at church, having just taught the preteen class. One of the guys that has known me for years stopped me and asked if I have been working out! Let me just say, he is now one of my new favourite people. I have gone years working out and not having a soul notice or comment on it, but he brought it up without prompting.

As Jane and I were deciding to get more involved with Isagenix this year, we decided to do a 30 day cleanse diet and do a little more investigation. We did this in the 4 week period leading up to Christmas- finishing on December 23 after a number of "pre Christmas" parties. In that 4 weeks, I lost 8 pounds, which included four inches of belly fat at my waist! Jane lost 11 pounds. This happened to be the month that our treadmill was broken, which was our main source of cardio fitness!

I have taken this past year to research and try many Isagenix products. I have become convinced that my own personal health and wellness are well worth the investment and plan to continue using Isogenix. I can be slightly tempted to regret that I didn't look into Isagenix 8 years ago, as I could have enjoyed the benefits for all these years. However, I recognize that it was not the time for me and I'm just happy to have found it now. I am not going to retire from chiropractic, but I am very confident to recommend Isagenix to members of my practice, friends and family. If you would like to know more about this nutritional system and how it can benefit you, please message me or join us for an information session on Tuesday, February 21 at 7 pm.
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