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Friday, 16 October 2015 21:55

What happens when YOUR body goes on strike?

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There is an analogy that I like to use in our practice that all of us have a relationship with our own bodies that is similar to the relationship of management and labourers in a company. Sometimes that relationship is great, sometimes it is not. The brain is the manager. It can tend to over-ride and ignore the needs of the body- the labourers. The brain can tell you that you must work through your coffee break, that you don't have time to stop and go to the bathroom or get a drink of water. It can ignore the needs of the labourers, the body, until the labourers go out on strike! That is what pain is. It is a crisis where the brain has been ignoring signals from the body until the body has to go on strike in order to be heard. So often I hear a patient complain that their back pain "came out of nowhere". They were just fine until they bent over to pick up that piece of paper and then WHAM. It hit them. It didn't suddenly hit them, wham. They had been happily ignoring signals from the body until the body resorted to a strike action to be heard. We have to know ourselves in order to improve that Management : Labourer relationship, to improve communication so that we can respond to the body's needs before strike action is necessary.

Network Care is a gentle chiropractic technique designed specifically for that purpose. It allows you to improve the Brain : Body connection so you can be healthier and respond to the subtle cues of your body. It prevents the strike action before it reaches that point! Make sure you learn to listen to your body with regular tune ups and keep your body functioning optimally because nobody likes a strike!

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