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Can Network Care Help Me?

What Is NSA?

Can Network Care Help Me: How do these light touches really do anything?


What is NSA or Network Care?

question 3Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) is an exciting development in Chiropractic associated with long-term benefits in health, emotional state and quality of life.  It involves tapping into our body’s innate capacity to heal and develop more effective means for optimizing health and wellness.  It is a safe, gentle and effective approach for everyone, regardless of age or health.  It is believed that this type of health care plays a vital and primary role in the prevention of illness and the optimization of well being, and it will do so more and more in the future.


Recent research findings…search

A large study of more than 2,800 people receiving NSA has demonstrated a high degree of health changes, emotional and lifestyle improvement for those under care.  In addition, the longer the care, the more dramatic the changes.

What makes this approach different?

NSA specifically teaches your brain and body how to increasingly develop better ways of releasing tension and improve the overall efficiency of the nervous system.

How does it work?

NSA utilizes adjustments or gentle forces over the spine that in turn changes its vibrational tone (or oscillation).  It is believed that the brain reciprocates by initiating its own similar response.  This creates a healthier link between the brain and body.  Studies currently underway are showing a 20-30% improvement in brain efficiency, helping position NSA as a leading edge body/mind discipline.

A gentle force is applied…

spbackA gentle force or contact is applied over specified areas along the spine, which create tissue oscillation.  Each contact is also referred to as an adjustment.  Different adjustments create different tissue responses and reciprocal brain changes.  New and more efficient channels of communications are created between the brain and body.  

NSA adjustments are applied to spinal tissues associated with tension around the spinal cord (the meningeal sheath) and misalignments of vertebrae referred to as spinal subluxations.



Why the spine?

The spine houses most of the nerves that control body function, which effects the health and status of most of our internal organs and tissues, head, trunk and limbs.  The spinal cord and its overlying meningeal sheath are also believed to be associated with a considerable amount of subconscious emotional tension.

What are the differences between NSA, and other therapies?

Unlike many therapies such as massage, cranial-sacral, spinal manipulation etc., NSA, is the only known approach specifically aimed at teaching the body how to develop its own healing strategies.  In addition, the length of care has a direct effect on health and wellness changes.  Patients report improvement in their ability to cope with stress, relationships and their ability to make intelligent choices.  Besides these changes, people report improvements in joint and spinal flexibility and diminished pain.

What is a Wave?

Waves are involuntary rhythmic undulations of the body and spine associated with the healing response.  It is believed to occur after the brain has matched the tissue oscillation produced by the adjustment.  In NSA, spinal waves can evolve to varying degrees of sophistication; each associated with characteristic changes in health and wellness parameters.

What other types of responses are common with NSA?

As the mind and body release tension it may involve a myriad of physical, emotional and chemical responses.  These are often short lived and are accompanied by positive emotional and physical benefits.  Studies are now in progress examining the long-term benefits of care, and changes in brain and spinal cord function.  In addition, there is a growing interest by psychologists, sociologists, neurobiologists, physiologists, biomathematicians and bioengineers on the overall mechanisms and benefits of NSA.

In summary…

Network Care is an exciting development in Chiropractic associated with benefits in physical and mental health and quality of life.

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